Storm Damage and Weeds Update
Posted on August 20, 2021 11:02 AM by Admin
Categories: Landscaping
With the most recent storms, there has been major storm damage to our common area landscape. The Board of Directors along with management has diligently worked with BrightView to assess all the damage.
A full report detailing options for storm damage remediation has been obtained and is under review. The Board of Directors and management will also work with the county to determine county responsibility and in turn save the association on cost.
BrightView has cleaned up the majority of the walkways and high traffic areas, however, you may encounter small mounds of dirt or rock until a decision is made.
Great News! BrightView Landscape has been tackling the recent overgrowth of weeds from the recent storms. You will be able to visually see this by the orange tone that the chemical gives the weeds once sprayed. If you find an area that you believe needs additional attention please feel free to connect with management.