Landscaping Update
Posted on May 5, 2022 8:33 AM by Admin
Categories: Landscaping
The crew will be on cycle 1 this week and cycle 2 next week.
This week on cycle 1. The crew will continue their efforts to touch up one of the basins and remove debris and trim trees as needed then move onto the median along Sasco to get some of the dead cacti removed and weeds growing between the curb and the asphalt. Then remove the remaining weeds at some of the side road entrances. 
Next week on cycle 2. The crew will be Focusing on the east side of red rock rd south of sasco. A couple of dead plants will be removed in this area. The crew will then move on to the backside of the houses near the NW corner, bordering the empty lot near the water treatment plant. Lastly coming down spirit lane on the east side cleaning up some of the shrubs, minimal trimming, and removing a lot of debris build up in this area.