Pay Assessments - *NEW UPDATES*

eStatements Available
Would you like to receive your assessment statement electronically? Sign up for eStatements.
Going paperless helps the environment and reduces the amount of money the Association spends on mailing your statement.
These cost savings will help the Board to focus funds on more significant community needs and minimize future assessment increases.
Pay Electronically - Recurring (ACH), Debit, Credit
CCMC is partnered with Alliance Association Bank which provides multiple online payment options: 

•    Recurring Electronic Check Payments – You may have your assessments automatically deducted from your checking account. This service is FREE. 
•    One-Time Electronic Check Payments – Pay your assessment online one time only. This service is $2.95 per transaction. 
•    One-Time Payment with Credit/Debit Cards – You may make a one-time payment with a credit or debit card. Credit Card service fee- 3.5%, Debit Card flat fee $5.00 charged by the bank. 
If you are interested in the above payment options, please create a new payment profile by visiting the Alliance Bank Payment Portal and following all prompts. You will be prompted to "add a property" and will need the following information to complete this step
•    Management Company ID (6675
•    Red Rock Village Association ID (410
•    Property Account Number (Six-digit account number assigned by CCMC. This information is outlined in your payment coupon). 
**If you established a payment profile with Pacific Western Bank for Recurring Payments, please log in to delete your account and use the information above to set up a new payment portal. 
Pay by Personal Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check
Include your payment coupon with your check in the provided windowed envelope to ensure your payment is accurately processed to your account.
If you are paying for multiple properties, please send a separate coupon and check for each property to ensure timely and accurate posting to the accounts. 
Red Rock Village Community Association
c/o CCMC Processing Center 
PO Box 93327
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327
Red Rock Village Memo example: 6675 - 410 - 111111 (your 6-digit account number)
Pay by Bill Pay Services
You also have the option to set up bill payment services through your individual banking institution.
Please update the bill pay option with your personal bank account, ensuring payments are mailed to the new address for processing.
Make checks payable to your community association:
Red Rock Village Community Association
c/o CCMC Processing Center
PO Box 93327
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327
Memo/Account Number: 
Management Company ID (6675)- 
Red Rock Village Association ID (410)- Property Account Number (Six-digit account number assigned by CCMC. This information is outlined in your payment coupon). 
(Red Rock Village Memo example: 6675 - 410 - 111111)

Alliance Association Bank Customer Service: 844-739-2331
Billing Questions
If you need help with your account number, balance or have other billing questions, contact community manager, Daniel Perez, by email at or phone at 520-448-5300.
I signed up for Direct Debit/CCMC ACH - What do I do now?
As an added layer of security for our residents, all homeowners who were enrolled with CCMC for ACH payments will be transitioned to Alliance Association Bank for processing. 
How do I transition my account? 
ANSWER: Residents enrolled in ACH through CCMC will receive an authorization email from Alliance Association Bank ( upon transition. CCMC anticipates this will occur in the next few weeks. This email will request one-time authorization through a secure email to continue to have your payments automatically withdrawn. If you provide this authorization, you won't need to do anything else after this step.
Homeowners who do not respond will be deactivated from automatic withdrawal and be required to utilize one of the other payment methods (check, bill pay, or Alliance Association Bank recurring payments).
Below is a sample email so you know what to expect: 
Sample Email from Alliance Association Bank
*Homeowner Action Is Required*
Thank you for your patience as we work through the transition process of the association's banking partner. Your onsite team has been working diligently to respond to all questions and get clarification from the CCMC Financial Services Team to help support you all during this transition. Below you will find information prepared to help you better understand the steps needed at this time. Please click on the tabs to the left to explore your new payment options. 
We recognize this is a lot of information. Please ensure you thoroughly review the below information and reach out if you need further clarification.
To ensure payments are processed before the due date, please complete the action required for your account according to the instructions below prior to August 15. This will ensure no interruption to your recurring payment processing and no late fees. If you have trouble with the actions below, please reach out to one of the following resources.
Alliance Association Bank Customer Service: 844-739-2331
Red Rock Village Management Team: 520-448-5300
CCMC Customer Service: 833-301-4538
Red Rock Village 2024 Assessments are collected quarterly at a rate of $249.00. The due dates for assessments are January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Late fees are applied after 15 days after they are due if the assessment is not received in full. 
We realize some homeowners may be experiencing hardship and cannot pay their assessments. We strongly encourage these homeowners to reach out to the association office to discuss payment plan options to avoid late fees and suspension of amenities.